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Smart buildings & Automation

When it comes to leisure, feasibility, ease of operation and beside our responsibility of sustainability, in addition to the high urge of power saving. UUES talented team is supported by up-to-date extensive training programs, and continuous learning strategy to convoy the kingdom 2030 vision’s revolution. Based on that, UUES believe that the machine is the most suitable option to take control instead of humans. Due to the high accuracy and advanced robotics and engineering programs. UUES has a specialized team to automate your facility, your factories or even your home. Having agreements and experts in the team for different famous brands in the automation industry, UUES will ensure that its clients will enjoy being in control for all their surroundings in term of Building Management System (BMS).

Industrial automation comes with high responsibility against productivity and ease of control. UUES engineers are experts in all automation products of all famous brands, example (Siemens, Schneider, Allen Bradley, etc…)

UUES serves its clients whether an old or new plant/industry by installing and commissioning automation systems. PLC and SCADA engineering experts at UUES follow a strict policy to meet the customers’ satisfaction. UUES clients will have full control on their facilities, whether a remote or local area the most reputed solutions are applied to meet the customers’ demand and vision.