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Photovoltaic Design and Installation

Since sustainability is a mutual responsibility, UUES undertake its responsibility as a reputed part of the environmental companies. UUES is always ready to provide a sustainable solution for its projects, and operate with zero carbon emissions and zero power bell. UUES has a set of wide ranges of high efficiency PV cells, inverters and energy storage systems from multiple suppliers worldwide.

PV cells are being under research and development since the first PV cell were created on 1945. The efficiency is being raised by a quite big ratio over the last decade with around 22.6% confirmed and tested nationally. With this ratio, UUES engineers will cut its clients’ power utility bill to around zero SAR. UUES engineers are certified in term of design and installation PV stations. With a guarantee of short-term Return of Investment (ROT) we obey our policy to meet our customer’s satisfaction.

Zero Emission Power Generation

The increasing demand on power urges UUES to think with alternative solutions beside PVs to provide its customers with zero carbon emission electric power. UUES now has the clean hydrogen power generators to provide to its clients. UUES is proud to be the first company in the region who provide the right technology to fulfill its clients’ missing gap in green power generation.