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Odor Control & Corrosion

UUES design criteria based on preventions preferability. In wastewater treatment systems the primary odor of concern is hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). Industrial and manufacturing facilities have an impact on the environment, the community’s well-being, and plant worker’s safety and productivity. Many industrial facilities are now facing the challenge of meeting and maintaining compliance with ambient air standards driven by air pollution regulatory agencies and workplace health and safety enforcement organizations. If prevention is applicable, all our plants undergo thru a deep cycle of study, and analyzing possible scenarios of odor emission. Capturing and destroy odors before they are released to the environment is preferred. If prevention or destruction is not applicable, dispersion may help to avoid such problem.

High levels of H2S can lead to odor complaints from the surrounding community and create unsafe conditions for workers. In addition, H2S can accelerate corrosion in collection systems and wastewater plants, leading to dangerous leaks and costly repairs.

UUES provides odor and corrosion control solutions that prevent and remove H2S, protecting the integrity of infrastructure systems and preserving quality of life. Our technical expertise, reliable professional service network, and broad range of products and services allow us to provide the best solution to meet your needs.