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Membrane Bioreactor (MBR):

A membrane bioreactor combines conventional activated sludge with micro membranes to produce a high-quality effluent.  MBR has two separated mediums, that the membranes reside in the mixed liquor rather than polishing secondary effluent. This positive barrier between the mixed liquor and the permeate leaving an MBR allows an MBR to operate at higher mixed liquor concentrations than conventional activated sludge.  Higher mixed liquors lead to one of MBR technologies biggest advantages which is small footprint. UUES provides a wide range of MBR plants, which are able to serve municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Several design criteria and ideas are applied to the supplied plants by UUES. Compact or expanded, UUES MBR plants’ ranges is vast and could be designed and configured as per customer’s requirements.