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Ion Exchange

UUES talented team has a widespread experience in demineralization plants as well as all the technologies in this category. Power plants, hospitals or any facility might need demineralized water, UUES is ready to support its clients thru its chain of services that covers demineralization and all its belongings.


UUES performs design, fabrication and commissioning for demin plants as per demand and requirements of its clients, taking into consideration extreme safety standards during the operation these plants. UUES insure zero injuries due to its strict policy when it comes to deal with hazardous chemicals and working areas. UUES provides the best solution to obtain its clients’ satisfaction when it comes to design criteria, selectivity of material that could be used in for construction demin plants to insure efficient and safe operation environment.


Ion exchange ideally is a process to remove all dissolved menials/salts in water. Usually, RO plant serves the ion exchangers weather its mixed bed, or Continuous Electro De-Ionization (CEDI) technology. UUES is serving its clients by design, construction and commissioning of these plants that usually used in power generation, medication, or chemical industries.