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Water Desalination

UUES highly considers strict safety and quality policies to its products and water quality supplied to its customers. Clean/drinking water is the only living creatures’ asset, and UUES applies advanced safety policies to its Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants which manufactured or operated by it. UUES offers unlimited capacities and a wide range of Reverse osmosis plants that will fit the client’s needs & expectations. UUES team has a reputed history in design, construction and operation of wide range of RO plants.



UUES customer satisfaction is the main goal among all its projects, UUES provide suitable and sustainable solutions for project of all sizes upon customer’s request. Our Domestic, Clinic, and Laboratory standard product range has a capacity of below than 1000 m3/d. UUES provides custom designs for higher demand plants of unlimited capacities such as industrial, domestic and irrigation fields.


Ideal RO Plants consist of RO vessels and membranes, high pressure pump, feed pumps and filtration system all supplied, installed and handled by UUES. Feed pumps passes the raw water to the filtration system then to the high-pressure pump. High-pressure pump boosts the water inside the pressure vessels. Generated energy due to high pressure separates most of dissolved minerals’ particles from the water entering RO passes. UUES always ensure that the final product from RO plants is safe for drinking, or domestic usage.