Our world has experienced a major industrial and population boom during the 20th century. Technological advances over the past decades have moved at an even faster pace. In today’s fast moving world we are left with issues such as Global Warming, over population and most importantly a constant growing demand for drinking water and sanitation. An average person uses about 250 Liters of fresh water per day. This average accounts for all the water that a person needs for showering, drinking, laundry and other uses. The high demand for fresh drinking quality water has put a lot of pressure on fresh water sources which resulted in growing demand for desalination. Today entire regions rely on desalination to supply fresh drinking quality water to citizens. Although the cost of desalination has been reduced thanks to advances in technology, there still needs to be a shift in water usage. This shift needs to come from water re-use which would be able to fill a supply gap and reduce the dependence on desalination and fresh water sources. Our commitment is to bring the latest technologies to our customers while delivering products, solutions and projects that meet today’s water treatment needs. Our experience and knowledge are put at the service of each of our client’s along with our dedicated team of professionals who represent our values at every step.