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About us

UUES is a Saudi based company specializing in designing, deploying and renovating solutions to protect the environment.  Our products and services are categorized into two main sectors which are Environment and Energy.  Our Environment division provides products and services for water and air treatment which include desalination, filtration, wastewater treatment, disinfection, chemical supply, air scrubbers and odor control solutions.  The Energy division specializes in power generation including renewable energy such as solar and wind power in addition to SCADA systems, instrumentation and smart buildings.

The company’s head office is located at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with our team operating all around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  UUES’s talented team is committed and empowered with the initiative driving the company to be the leader in its fields of business.  Our focus on improving the environment through leading technology is the key to our success and to the improvement of our environment.

UUES is committed to providing its customers with the latest technologies that improve operational efficiency, reduce power consumption while maintaining a high level of performance and reliability.  Every project is backed with our customer satisfaction guarantee and our extraordinary after sales service.



Our world has experienced a major industrial and population boom during the 20th century. Technological advances over the past decades have moved at an even faster pace. In today’s fast moving world we are left with issues such as Global Warming, over population and most importantly a constant growing demand for drinking water and sanitation. An average person uses about 250 Liters of fresh water per day. This average accounts for all the water that a person needs for showering, drinking, laundry and other uses. The high demand for fresh drinking quality water has put a lot of pressure on fresh water sources which resulted in growing demand for desalination. Today entire regions rely on desalination to supply fresh drinking quality water to citizens. Although the cost of desalination has been reduced thanks to advances in technology, there still needs to be a shift in water usage. This shift needs to come from water re-use which would be able to fill a supply gap and reduce the dependence on desalination and fresh water sources. Our commitment is to bring the latest technologies to our customers while delivering products, solutions and projects that meet today’s water treatment needs. Our experience and knowledge are put at the service of each of our client’s along with our dedicated team of professionals who represent our values at every step.

Quality Policy

UUES is a leader in water, environmental technologies, and renewable energy manufacturing and supplying. UUES is committed to design, manufacturing and supply waste water treatment plants, water treatment, zero carbon emission power generators and photovoltaic system that are safe, efficient, and reliable which fully satisfy defined customers’ requirements and expectations.Our quality mission is to implement maximum efficiency to all our products, and to meet our customers/partners’ needs.

  • Our quality objective is to impressively meet the maximum expectations of our customers and suppliers, in term of cost effectiveness, timeliness, and safety all the way internally or externally.


  • Our commitment to our products’ quality is expressed by manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution beside our extraordinary services toward our clients in a controllable manner. Our services are documented and supported by quality management system. Our teams are well-trained and highly motivated to ensure customer satisfaction with our extensive efficient and our reliable products and services.


  • We are pledge toward our agreements with our suppliers and partners, and we always seek potential partnerships with suppliers and distributers.


  • Our quality policy is very strict, all our products undergo a series of inspections and examinations before reliance, or before we consider it as a part of our products family, to comply with our customer’s requirements.


  • Our leaders are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and periodically review the quality policy to ensure its continuing suitability.


  • Our commitment to quality awareness ensures that all UUES Solutions and Technologies employees and suppliers are familiar and comply with the organization’s policies.